About Us

Hello, I'm Marina and welcome to the world of Illyrian Gems!

This brand was born from a passion for my Croatian heritage, love of the Mediterranean lifestyle and beauty in simple things.

Where does our name come from?

Although we chose this name because of its exotic, mysterious and almost melodic connotations, it holds greater meaning. 

Illyria was the geographic name of the ancient region which today includes land to the East of the Adriatic. The ancient city of Salona (near modern day Split, Croatia) functioned as Illyria's capital.

The city of Split is my hometown and the ancient ruins of Salona were the location of our wedding, so it holds special significance to my husband and I.

 Tusculum at Salona ruins near Split, Croatia

About the brand 

We are committed to showcasing centuries old designs with the world and at the same time to create new and contemporary styles inspired by the Mediterranean.

Our mission is to create unique jewellery that speaks to the hearts and minds of everyone who likes elegant and timeless style.

We believe that jewellery should be as much a part of someone's personality as it is an extension of themselves.

When choosing and designing our jewellery, we want every piece to tell a story and give its wearer a sense of belonging. 

In our store you'll find pieces that are both delicate and bold, intricate yet simple, playful yet elegant - and all were made with you in mind.

Every person should feel like they have something unique and special: jewellery that tells the person's story, inspires their imagination and gives them the opportunity to express themselves in unique ways.

We believe that the world is ready for our jewellery!